Clear Motors Ltd


We provide a wide range of services for your vehicles.


  • Warrant of Fitness – WOF While you wait about 30 minutes
  • Oil and Lubricant-Related Replacement Engine oil and Filter, Transmission, Differential and Transfer, Power steering, Brake fluid, CV joints, Ball joints, etc
  • Regular Full Service Detailed comprehensive inspection with a summary report, Engine oil and Filter change are included
  • General Maintenance and Repair Covers Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Electrical and Electronic systems, Drivetrain, Tires, Air Conditioning, and more
  • OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) Fault Diagnosis Diagnostic and testing using a computer scanner connected, Reading error logs, Trouble code retrieval, Resetting learning values, Analysis and interpretation of the trouble code to human friendly language, etc
  • Tire-Related Services Tire change, Balancing, Puncture repair
  • Car Stereo Services Installation and replacement
  • Security Alarm Installation and replacement
  • Air Conditioning Diagnosis, Regrigerant gas charging (R134a gas only)
  • Panel Beating Repair Dents, Scratches, colour fading, Collision repair, Rust treatment, Plastic parts repair, Headlight lens restoration, and more
  • Painting Painting services compatible with all car models paint system
  • Compliance Assistance with imported vehicle Entry Certification and Compliance inspection
  • Insurance Repairs Repairs coordinated with automotive insurance companies
  • Theft/Car Break-In Repairs and restoration for damages caused by theft or car break-ins
  • Other Consultation and advice on various car-related matters and concerns


If you require a courtesy car (free of charge), please inform us in advance, and we will provide one for you.

Booking is necessary, and we kindly request that you refill the petrol based on your usage.